The Better Machine Concept

A high performance long travel machine tool with reconfigurable work tables to quickly perform multiple tasks

 Machining Applications
> Aerospace Structures
> Screws, Bars, and Shafts
> Linear Guiderails
> Extrusions for trucks or trains

Better Machine Concept

The Bertsche XiMill is the better machine
concept for long part machining (up to 10
meters).The raised bed design eliminates
the column. The moved mass is minimized,
provides high dynamic stiffness to reach
speeds to 100m/min. On top of that the
lowered moved mass weight saves on
electrical power costs and the machine has
a smaller overall footprint.


With its reconfigurable work-zone/table,
the X-Flex is designed to adapt to your
manufacturing environment. The machine
is both a multi-pallet station machine and
a single/ dual workzone machine.
It features removable quick change T-slot
tables, Trunnion type 4th axis contouring
table or custom workholding pallets easily
exchanged at a moment’s notice with a
high degree of accuracy.

Economical to Operate

With a raised bed the axis ways, drive
components and linear scales being elevated
are completely out of the chip making
area. All way bearings have extended life
lubrication elements eliminating the need
to maintain a lubrication system and there is
no oil to contaminate coolant. Hydraulics and
hydraulic power unit have been eliminated
reducing electrical power consumption.
Only air and electric is needed. Maintenance
costs are reduced.

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