The Bertsche iJet provides multi-station high pressure water deburr and cleaning system with integral part handling that completely washes, removes chip burrs, rinses cleans and dries six faces of a part.

iJet is designed for manufacturers of complex mid to high volume parts such as ABS housings, hydraulic components, fuel injection parts, diesel common rail, transmission and engine parts who consistently need to deliver high quality clean parts.Tags : cleaningdeburringentgratanlagenEntgratenHDWhigh pressure deburring systemshigh pressure water deburringHochdruckwasser strahl entgratenhochdruckwasserstrahlhochdruckwasserstrahl entgratenhochdruckwasserstrahlentgratanlagenhochdruckwasserstrahlentgratenijetmechanical deburringmid pressure deburring machinereinigungsanlagereinigungsanlagenwaschanlagewaschanlagenwaschmaschinewaschmaschinenwater deburring