Bertsche X-Mill, a High Velocity Raised Bed CNC Machining Center with added capabilities including a second 3 axis module for 3×3 Milling simultaneous milling with two independent machining modules.

Designed, manufactured and built in the U.S.A., the X-Mill with MM option is a high performance raised bed, elevated twin carriage machining center that meets the needs of companies wishing to high speed mill a wide range of parts in high volume. With two independently operating 3 axis spindle modules two spindles are always machining either the same or two different parts. In “Dual Work Zone” mode each spindle operates independently in its work-zone. Each X-Mill module traverses at 2363 ipm(60 m/min), feeds to 1050 ipm(26.67m/min), accelerates at 0.5g and has a 30hp(22kW) 15,000 rpm spindle. The moving 3 axis spindle module is mass minimized and built for high feed rate machining. The “Tool Centered Feed Force” design arrangement centers the axis feed force “line of action” on the cutting tool. The machine incorporates a number of Lean Manufacturing concepts that allows the machine to be quickly reconfigured to parallel process multiple tasks. A single machine can handle virtually all the needs of any shop that needs to manufacture a wide variety of products on a single machine.Tags : CNChigh feedrate machininglong x travelMachiningraised bed machine