Bertsche Engineering introduces new High Speed 5 Axis Bridge Machine with Smart Fixturing System to manufacture complete Floor Systems for the 787 Boeing Dreamliner.

Featuring a direct drive 2 axis rotary head this 5 axis machine manufactures complete in a single setup a wide variety of composite and extruded shaped airplane structural parts. A smart clamping system features work holding clamps that reposition under CNC control during full automatic setup. During Machining clamps automatically swing away and drop down as the cutter passes. High Speed, high power 20,000 rpm 40 hp spindle is nested inside the high response 2 axis head.Tags : 240 inch and larger working envelope5 axis machine5-achs-bearbeitung6 meter and largeraerospace machiningaluminiumaluminumbearbeitungszentrumcompositefixturing systemfräsmaschinehochgeschwindigkeitsbearbeitunghorizontalbearbeitunghpchsckunststoffmachine toolplasticportal machineprofilbearbeitungstahlsteelstructural beamsstructural partstitantitaniumuniversalbearbeitungwerkzeugmaschinezerspanung