A Reconfigurable Multitasking Single or Dual Work Zone High Speed Machining Center

The XiMILL is a high performance raised bed, elevated carriage machining center that meets the needs of companies wishing to high speed mill a wide range of parts and materials. It gives the user the flexibility to manufacture smaller parts and gang fixtured parts in “Dual Work Zone” mode or by switching to “Single Work Zone” mode the ability to manufacture long parts with the cutting dynamics of a small machine.

Long Travels to Meet your Application Needs

The X travel starts at 157″ (4.0m) and is available with travels up to 693″ (16m); the Y and Z stroke is 20.0″ (500mm). The XiMILL high velocity machine that traverses at 2400 ipm (60 m/min), feeds to 1181 ipm (30m/min) and has spindle options to 30,000 rpm. The moving 3 axis spindle module is mass minimized and built for high rate machining. Reconfigure the machine for a single work zone by removing the work zone divider and pushing the single work zone pushbutton. Your ready to run long parts.

Incorporate Lean Manufacturing in your Machining Center

The “Tool Centered Feed Force” design arrangement centers the axis feed force “line of action” on the cutting tool. The machine incorporates a number of Lean Manufacturing concepts that allows the machine to be quickly reconfigured to perform multiple tasks. A single machine can handle virtually all the needs of any shop that needs to manufacture a wide variety of product on a single machine. For High Volume Production, a “Twin 3 Axis Module, MM” Option is available for 3×3 machining. Two Moving Modules can each machine parts independently in each work zone or in tandem using two spindles to machine a single part.

Reduce Setup and Load Times

By adding the 2nd tool storage magazine true dual work zone operation is possible. While one part is being machined a new part can be loaded in the other work zone. Each work zone has its own tool storage magazine permitting different parts to be run in each work zone, each part having the necessary complement of tools. Setup time is reduced. While one job is running you can mount new fixtures, load new tools and background edit the part program in the other work zone. Spindle cutting time is maximized making even small lot production economical to run. Power-doors automatically open and close at the end of the program. In dual zone mode one door closes as the other opens so the operator can immediately begin loading the machine.

Innovative Fixturing Solutions

No single table design fits every work-piece fixturing application. Bertsche offers two bed designs; The FTW (Fixed to Wall) style bed allows work tables to be mounted vertically or horizontally dependent on the type of work performed; The FTB (Fixed to top of Bed) style bed allows segmented work table to be mounted directly to the machine bed providing a very rigid machining surface. The reconfigurable segmented work table design allows the work table to quickly be reconfigured for the next job and worktables can be offline fixtured and then directly attached to the bed. The T-slotted tables can be raised or lowered.


Machine Specifications

  • X Axis Travel: Up to 16m (630″)
  • Y Axis Travel: Up to 500mm (20″)
  • Z Axis Travel: Up to 500mm (20″)
  • A Axis: 4th axis available
  • Spindle RPM: Up to 30,000 RPM
  • Taper/Tool Connection: HSK 63
  • Tool Changer Capacity: 25 tools with option for 50
  • Full Enclosure
  • Direct high accuracy linear scales on all axes
  • Control: Fanuc Series 31iB/ Option: Siemens 840D sL

Machine Highlights

  • Modular high speed 3/4 axis traveling carriage machining center
  • Very high accelerations for high velocity machining
  • Raised bed design for superior swarf containment
  • Low mass minimized 3 axis carriage
  • Dual work zone machining feature
  • Twin machining module each independently operated.
  • High feedrate, high power, thin wall part machining

Fixture Solutions

  • T-Slot Table – Single or Dual
  • Multi Pallet Table
  • Tombstone, indexer
  • Custom to suit, with fixturing
  • Zero point clamping
  • Integral Vacuum work holding system

Xmill Series

CNC 3/4 Axis Raised Bridge Machining Center

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