PTMILL a 5 Axis High Velocity Profile Machining Center

The Bertsche PTMILL is a gantry type 5 axis machining center. The work envelope is sufficiently large that it will machine parts up to 432” in length, 48″ wide and 12″ inches tall. The PTMILL consists of a wide width welded and thermally stress relieved bed structure that fully supports the 5 axis traveling machine module with tool changer.

5- Axis Module

The travelling machine module consists of a rigid gantry bridge that is a welded structure that moves in X axis direction. Each side of the bridge is driven by a set of tandem servo motors. The split axis (front and back tandem set) are synchronized to act as a single axis. Motor encoders provide for velocity and position feedback and allow high dynamic response. The linear scale provides high resolution and high accuracy position feedback.


  • Full 5 Axis
  • Direct Drive Gearless 2 Axis Head
  • Direct Drive High Speed Spindle
  • Each side of the bridge is driven by a set of tandem servo motors.
  • Automatic 40 tool traveling tool changer
  • Chip Containment Collection & Removal
  • Dry or Wet Cutting
  • Thermal part length control and compensation


New Performance Engineered Features PTMILL

  • X Axis Travel: Up to 12m (472″)
  • Y Axis Travel: Up to 2.3m (90″)
  • Z Axis Travel: Up to 800mm (31.5″)
  • Feed/Rapid Rates 90m/min
  • Axis Acceleration up to 0.5g
  • Taper/Tool Connection: HSK 63
  • Spindle RPM: Up to 20,000 RPM up to 43kW HSK 63
  • Spindle RPM: Optional up to 30000 RPM
  • Guarding and chip containment area
  • Tool changer up to 40 tools, option up to 210 tools.
  • Control: Fanuc / Siemens

PTMILL 5 Axis Configuration

  • Fork head with high resistance torque and clamping
  • 2 Axis head configuration (B and C axis fork head)
  • +/- 105 degrees and extended range as options
  • +/- 200 degrees and extended range as option