High Pressure Water (Hydro-Deburring) and Mechanical Deburring with Integral Automated Part Handling

The machine tool quality Bertsche iJET provides both powered and mechanical rotary deburring and high pressure water deburring (HPWD) in the same machine.  Multiple parts and part features can be processed simultaneously. Work stations can be tooled for either water deburring, mechanical deburring, chip flushing, rinsing and/or drying. Parts can be pre-washed before deburr, rinsed after deburr and dried; all in the same machine. The rotary axis is used to index the part, spin the part in a submerged wash cycle and to spin the part dry. For added productivity the CNC-controlled iJET is designed to integrate with a variety of automated in-feed and out-feed systems including rotary indexing part magazines or conveyor lines.

Significant cycle time reduction

The Bertsche iJET is designed to handle multiple parts and perform multiple processes in single cycle. Pre-washing, deburring, rising and drying parts inside a single machine reduces the amount of parts handling, lowers capital costs and shortens overall cycle times.

More reliable design concept

The iJet  is a high pressure deburring system which moves the part to the water jet nozzle and not the nozzle to the part.  Competitive machine designs typically move the water nozzle to the part and therefore require flexible high pressure hoses which are prone to failure. Use of stationary workstations allows for more complex tooling including multiple simultaneous feature deburring. Stationary high pressure water jet deburr stations are alloy steel piped providing greater reliability and require little or no maintenance.


Automotive, Medical, Fluid Power, Aerospace

Machine Highlights

  • Fully CNC controlled three linear axis (X Y &Z), 1 rotary axis, 1 aux axis.
  • Rotary axis for auto part spin cycle & agitated wash
  • Bed with integral recovery water tank and part rinsing tank
  • Twin 4th Axis Ram for maximum productivity
  • Robust machine tool construction for 24/7 operation
  • Designed for direction integration cell and FMS environments with part (feed/exit) conveying systems.
  • Up to six single jet and manifold jet wash and deburr stations in the basic configuration
  • Ability to deburr multiple parts at the same time for significant cycle time reduction
  • Ability to perform mechanical deburring as well as high pressure water deburring
  • Submerged and non-submerged part wash
  • Safety Guarding on all moving parts


  • HP high pressure pump systems to 20,000 psi
  • Pump noise reducing housing

End Effector and Tooling

  • Reconfigurable machine featuring removable quick change end-effecter
  • End-effecter docking station with air manifold
  • Part detection options
  • Replaceable tooling station plates (inside wash chamber)
  • Replaceable high pressure tooling
  • Rigid high pressure stainless steel piping throughout
  • Early tool replacement warning system

Water System

  • Closed loop recirculation clean water
  • Recovery water tank
  • Separate rinse tank integral to machine bed
  • Pre-wash tank with connection to external tank and filtration system
  • High pressure water heat exchanger
  • Wash chamber mist collection system
  • Bed with stainless steel lined water tank
  • Stainless steel tray wire mesh chip catch with separate removable chip catch basket
  • Multistage recovery tank sediment separation
  • Oil skimmer for recovery water system
  • Easy access tank clean-out ports

iJET Series

CNC High Pressure Water Jet Deburring Machine

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