HVMILL a 5 Axis High Velocity Machining Center

The Bertsche HVMILL is a 5 axis high velocity machining center developed specifically for the high speed, high feedrate power milling of monolithic structural parts from plate used primarily in the aerospace industry. The machine features a 30,000 rpm/100 hp spindle, nested in a fork type two axis head that is moved by a robust stiff 3 axis module. All linear axes are fully support on a wide cross section machine bed. The machine is designed for high acceleration, dynamic agility, response and accuracy that permit machining of thin wall parts down to 0.020 inch wall thickness with superior surface finish.

Tool Centered Feed Force

High feedrate power milling requires a machine with a high speed, high power spindle, high feedrate, high accelerating linear and rotary axis in order to machine complex contours accurately and with high metal removal rates. The moving module is mass minimized and built for high feed rate power machining. Feed force symmetry is the guiding design principle that insures high machine dynamic response and dynamic accuracy. The “Tool Centered Feed Force” design arrangement centers the axis feed force “line of action” on the cutting tool. The machines ram, that holds the direct drive, gear less two axis rotary head and high power spindle, is a constant stiffness design structure not subject to varying angular error as the ram structure is feed out (extended).

Tilt Up & Spin

The machine features a two pallet “Tilt Up and Spin” table that permits part loading and unloading on the down, horizontal table while the up pallet in vertical position is in the machining position. This configuration provides a very small overall machine foot print while retaining the benefits of a multi-pallet system. This design always allows one pallet to be in the machining zone while the other pallet is readied for next part machining. The advantages of this table design are finish machined parts can be unloaded and un-machined parts can be loaded to the pallet in the down (horizontal) position while the other pallet is tilted up into the horizontal position resulting in near 100% spindle utilization results.

Better Chip Containment

Special emphasis has been placed on chip management through better chip containment and chip removal out of the machining compartment. Complete separation between the machining compartment and the moving spindle module protects all precision machine components to insure long and maintenance free life. Vertical part machining results in better chip excavation by gravity.

The machine also features a travelling tool changer allows for tool changing anywhere along the machines X axis of travel with an optional matrix tool storage and retrieval system.

New Performance Engineered Features HVMILL

  • X Axis Travel: Up to 6.5m (256″)
  • Y Axis Travel: Up to 2m (79″)
  • Z Axis Travel: Up to 1m (40″)
  • Single of twin pallets, 4×1.5 or 6×2
  • Workpiece weight up to 15,000 lbs
  • Feed/Rapid Rates 60m/min
  • Axis Acceleration up to 0.5g
  • Taper/Tool Connection: HSK 63, HSK 100
  • Spindle RPM: Up to 30,000 RPM up to 100kW HSK 63
  • Spindle RPM: Up to 7000 RPM up to 500Nm HSK 100
  • Full guarding and chip containment area.
  • Tool changer up to 40 tools, option up to 210 tools.
  • Control: Fanuc / Siemens 840D

HVMILL 5 Axis Configuration

  • Fork head with high resistance torque and clamping for heavy cutting
  • 2 Axis head configuration (B and C axis fork head)
  • +/- 105 degrees and extended range as options
  • +/- 200 degrees and extended range as option