5 Axis Contour Milling, Routing, Sawing and Drilling
with full automatic part setup.

The Bertsche P5MILL™ is a fully automated portal 5 Axis Profile Beam Machine Center with an integral “Smart Fixturing™” system. Designed for fast, highly automated performance in “one off” demand-driven manufacturing environments including those commonly found in aerospace machining. The portal P5MILL provides a large work envelope, very high rapid and feedrates with near zero setup time.

Significant cycle time reduction for high machine throughput

The portal Bertsche P5MILL is capable of fully machining a part on all sides in a single setup. The high acceleration, high velocity table slides working in combination with a fork type direct drive two axis head and high speed spindle enable machining of even the most complex contours. To achieved significant cycle time reduction when machining large parts not only must parts be quickly machined but setup times, part load and unload times must be significantly reduced in order to achieve high throughput rates.

Reconfigurable Work Table and Work Holding feature

With the Reconfigurable Work Table and Work Holding feature you can adapt the machine to the process and not the other way around. It allows you to move the work holding automatically out of the way to gain better access to the feature to be machined and then repositioned back into location after machining is complete.

Wave Milling™

Wave Milling is the sequenced actuation and release of individual work holding fixtures as the part moves past the cutter. Wave Milling selectively releases a work holding fixture while the others continue to securely hold the part.

Quick Change Air Controlled Work Holding System

Each Work holding slide can be equipped with a Quick Change Air Controlled Work Holding System to quickly reconfigure the machine for a different family of parts.

Table Configuration Options

  • Standard Portal Single Table Configuration
  • Dual table configuration for 100% spindle utilization
  • Dual Spindle configuration for maximum productivity

Machine Highlights

  • Direct drive high response fork type rotary head
  • High powered spindle up to 30,000 rpm
  • Mill, drill, rout parts complete in a single setup
  • High feed rate, high power cutting of thin wall parts
  • Fully enclosed chip containment enclosure
  • Fully enclosed machining chamber
  • High volume chip removal system
  • In column nested automatic tool changer up to 40 tools each
  • Part probing and calibration sphere with integration to part inspection system
  • High feedrate, high power, thin wall part machining

Machine Specifications

  • Long X Axis Travel
  • Y Axis Travel: Up to 2.5m (98″)
  • Z Axis Travel: Up to 1m (39″)
  • A Axis: +/-110 degrees
  • C Axis: +/- 360 degrees
  • Spindle RPM: Up to 30,000 RPM
  • Taper/Tool Connection: HSK
  • Tool Changer: Up to 2×40 tools
  • Dry Cutting with Dust Collection Option
  • Wet Cutting
  • Control: Siemens 840D sL

Fixture Solutions

  • FLEX Table & Quick Change work holding
  • Movable vice clamps: Hydraulic or Pneumatic
  • Vacuum strongback fixturing
  • T-Slot Table
  • Zero Point

P5 Series

CNC 5 Axis Portal Machining Center

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